Par: Srie ACT | 2018-03-24

An agreement and an important date.

The Autodrome Chaudire is proud to announce that an agreement has just been reached with ACT co-owner Chris Michaud and his Canadian representative Marc-Patrick Roy, so that one more race will take place this season in Valle-Jonction.

Mr. Michaud who took over the torch of Tom Curley is very satisfied that a track presents local races with the ACT regulation in Quebec as it is done at Thunder Road in Barre Vermont. He also says he agrees to 200% with this decision made by the leaders of the autodrome in 2017. This race will be added to the calendar and will be counted for the championship of this series.

Indeed, it is June 2, 2018 that the drivers of the ACT series will visit once, since the creation of our local series, the asphalt of the Beauce track for a race of 125 laps. The second visit was already scheduled for July 28 and remains on schedule.

At the same time, it is announced that the local series Nascar Late Model will use the tires "American Racer" this season. This decision is intended to bring the two series closer and thus allow drivers who wish to race in one or the other series much more easily.

The possibility for teams to easily participate in races, either local Nascar Late Model Autodrome Chaudire or ACT on a track that the series visits during the season, is a great step for the future of racing in Quebec. This rapprochement is excellent news. Of course, this possibility existed before, but now with the use of the same tires, it will greatly facilitate things while reducing costs.

This change bodes well for the leaders of Autodrome Chaudire. For us, the more spectator offers, the more spectators can appreciate it. And that, we are very satisfied.

About the Nascar Late Model race, the Langis Caron 150, which was scheduled for June 2nd, it will be moved to a later date that will be published shortly in a final version of our calendar. Stay tuned.

Source: Autodrome Chaudire